A riveting tale of a superhero who gets an office job.

How do I play this game lol?

  • Stamp papers with stamp tool (right mouse button).
  • Move with WASD.
  • Go outside by clicking on your window (the blue square).
  • Beat bad guys up with left mouse button.

Could you be more verbose please?


In this game, you are a super hero with a boring office job alter ego. You need to keep the citizens of Cube City safe while keeping up-to-date on your paperwork.

On the right side of your screen is your office - you need to stamp paperwork that your very angry boss dumps on your desk.

On the left side of the screen is the view out your window. Yellow civilians walk back and forth, but red robbers will try to kill them! Click the window to fly out, move around with WASD, and left click to attack nearby robbers. Once you've beaten up the active robbers, fly onto your window to get back into the building.

If civilians die, you lose points. You gain points by beating up robbers and stamping paperwork.

Why is the leaderboard broken?

lol blame @MathiasHareide.

Why does the camera go to a duplicate office if I go to main menu and try to play again?

lol blame @BenjaminBergseth

Oh yeah - don't press quit. The game crashes. :(


  • Benjamin Bergseth - Game design/programming.
  • Sigurd Zahl Stapnes - Game design/programming.
  • Mathias Hareide - Game design/programming.
  • Magnus Liavåg - Art.

P.S. The version playing in the browser is the most up to date version. For the jam version download j0.1.2-wgl.zip.

Release date Apr 06, 2020
AuthorsBenjamin Bergseth, MathiasHareide, Jigurd
GenreSimulation, Action
Made withUnity
TagsHigh Score, Superhero
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


j0.1.2-wgl.zip 4 MB

Development log


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Really cool concept would love to see it polished 

Thanks :)

Sorry for the late reply, we've all been pretty busy and we didn't have the time to engage with the game jam beyond submitting our project. As soon as we've got more time (around June) we are probably going to keep working on the game until it's in a state that could at least pass as polished, so, you know, stay tuned if you want to, I guess.